Estate Sales

It is important to know that estate sales do not occur simply because someone passes away. They can occur anytime throughout your lifetime when you simply want to liquidate your assets. You might be de-cluttering your life or moving into a smaller home.

Here at Movin’ On Estate Sales, we are licensed and bonded professionals that people in the Ocala, FL area turn to for all their estate possessions needs. You have the option of either using our direct estate sales services or our consignment services. Consignments involve entrusting us with your property and paying us a percentage of the sales price. Auctions are perfect venues for estate consignment sales.

Hiring us as your estate sales professional requires an initial consultation. This usually last about 30 minutes and entails a number of questions. Our experts ask these questions to gain valuable information about how best to satisfy your needs. This information is used to develop a customized plan that meets your satisfaction, needs, budget and lifestyle.

Estate sales are the perfect way to reduce estate income. If a deceased loved one leaves a household of items behind, these items are included in his or her estate. By selling the items, the affected tax bill decreases. Our experts can handle the details with optimum efficiency. If needed, we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

We handle all paperwork involved in every estate sales transaction. We keep running inventory of all items bought, consigned and sold. You will receive a copy for your records. Our experts are here to help!

Pick up the phone and call Movin’ On Estate Sales when in the Ocala, FL area. You can be certain that we have the estate sales service that suits your individual situation.