Estate Sales

Nobody provides more reliable, competent and excellent service than the pros at Movin' On Estate Sales

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Our first appointment is to get an idea of the contents of the estate so we can move forward liquidating. It is our desire to help you get through the process smoothly and painlessly.


We'll provide all tables and anything we need to conduct and set up your sale to look like someone came into a retail storefront.


The first question people have is "How much do you charge?". We work on a percentage of each item sold. We also charge a small set up fee to get the ball rolling and that helps with a lot of overhead expenses involved with putting on the sale.


Every item in the sale is individually priced. We make sure we don't leave any money on the table. We put a fair market value on every item. Our job is to liquidate the best way we know how. A professional appraiser is available at our fingertips if need be.


Setting up usually takes up to 4 days to a week in some cases. It's very important that we have at least a 2 to 4 week planning period for your sale.


We advertise in many ways including to our large and growing email list, as well as on every popular online tag sale directory. In addition, we use high visibility street signs to draw more traffic for your sale.


When we've completed your sale, nothing will left in the house, and it will be totally ready for cleaning. If you choose to employ our clean out services, you can rest assured your estate will be left broom clean by the end of the sale.


Our friendly and knowledgable staff know how to get the job done and make sure the customer has been totally taken care of. From plastic bags to packing paper and sales receipts, no customer is left unhappy.